‘Dead Island Riptide’ Review

Posted: April 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

I have recently been playing Deep Silver and Techland’s new game installment, ‘Dead Island Riptide’. It is a sequel to the previous game , ‘Dead Island’ which was a succsesful game. I enjoy killing zombies and  getting sweet headshots on them, along with picking up one of the game’s many weapons and beatingthe zombies as well, so this game was a good fit for me. A new copy of ‘Dead Island Riptide’ costs $50 U.S. The story is that you find safety on an army vessel after escaping the previous island on the first Dead Island game, but you end up being drugge and experimented on becuase you are immune to the infection, but eventually the virus  breaks out onto the ship, you also meat another character you can play as (John Morgon, see Dead Island Riptide charcters on Wikipedia) who is also immune to the infection. So the outbreak on the ship kills the captain, causeing the ship to go off course, and crsh land on a new island. Some of the flaws that i had with the game is that it feels like the same story from the original ‘Dead Island’, there are a few bugs in the game as well. Another good feature about ‘Dead Island RIptide’ is that if you played the first Dead Island’ you can import your old character into ‘Dead Island Riptide’, now you dont get your weponsfrom the first game if you import you character, the only thing you do get is your level and skill tree, but in a way it’s good becuase many people had modded instant kill guns in the first Dead Island, but i have already seen some modded intant kill weapons in ‘Dead Island Riptide’ not even a week since the game first came out and some people already have modded guns, just play it legitamently. So out of my many hours of time put into the Dead Island series, I feel that Riptide seems smaller and more cramped tha the first ‘Dead Island’, yet it still s fun, especially while playing co-op with friends. I will rate ‘Dead Island Riptide’ an 8/10, and i recommend this game to anyone who liked the first Dead Island, and zombie lovers everywhere.

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